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Q/  what networks work at Rainforest house?
A/  vodafone,  Jio,  Idea,  BSNL..

Q/  do you offer accommodation for drivers?
A/  no we do not have any accommodation for drivers,  they usually go back to Tapovan and find 
accommodation there.

Q/  can rafting be arranged?
A/  yes,  we can organize once you're here,  only on long weekends should you book in advance.

Q/  how far is the trek down from the road?
A/  the trek is about 120mtrs down a rocky path......  photos

Q/  is there space to park a car?
A/  yes there is space for cars to park up by the forest chowkie,  although this is not our own designated area.


Q/  can yoga classes be organized?
A/  yes we do have a yoga hall and private classes can be organized upon request.

Q/  is alcohol allowed on the premises.
A/  NO alcohol is not allowed on the premises inside or outside of the body.

Q/  is Ganga accessible from the guest house?
A/   yes Ganga is just a short walk down a rocky path from the house.

Q/  do you have wifi?
A/  yes

Q/  what is your cancellation policy?
A/  for our cancellation policy please see  terms and conditions

Q/ do you allow pets on the premises?
A/ no we don't.   

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